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Karens, and A Very Gothic Moodboard

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I made the executive decision to grow my hair again, but it was kind of by accident. I didn’t keep up on buzzing it, and finally looked in the mirror and decided to go to a hair dresser, cuz we’re looking a little ‘Lord of the Flies’ over here.

Basebuilding In Hell Updates

Basebuilding In Hell is moving along one step at a time. As you know, I backtracked to work on better worldbuilding, and da-yum this is fun!

I have aphantasia, the inability to ‘see’ things in your mind, so I rely a lot of pictures to get a good sense of characters and settings.

The society this story takes place in is a socialist meritocracy (which sounds messy, and is LOL), with neo-gothic brutalist architecture, and advanced magitech. The main character accidentally goes to Hell, and I decided to make that world a patchwork quilt of other worlds that perished, so it’s like a giant patchwork quilt of cultures, but all dead and decrepit.

Below are some of the images from the Pinterest board I made.

How A Karen Made Me Buy a Book

No booktok tea to spill, but I did have an encounter with a Karen in the wild.

I mentioned above that I bought some physical copies of books, the first being “Legends and Lattes” by Travis Baldree. It was fun and cozy, and I will 100% reread.

The second came from a second-hand bookstore in town, the “Skyward Flight” collection by Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson.

This book purchase comes with a fun story involving a Wild Kare.

The (relatively polite) Karen

I had a massage appointment last week, and after driving and parking, was a few minutes early. As I stood on the sidewalk, debating whether to sit in my car and play games for a few minutes, or sit outside and photosynthesize, I hear someone ‘hallooing’ me.

Turning, I saw a woman in a black car, stopped in the middle of the road. Of course, I did that dumb thing where you look around to see if you’re the one she’s talking to, even though there’s literally not another soul around.

Long story short, she felt the urgent need – OMG super-duper urgent – to inform me that you cannot make a right turn at the red light back there, and was I the one who did it by the way?

Dude, I have no idea. I don’t track my turns like calories. At this point, another car was coming up behind her, so I politely thanked her and was about to go on my way. This was not a satisfying reaction for her, so she continued to loudly inform me that “I wouldn’t have said anything, hun, but you’re lucky no cops were around.”

At that point the person in the truck behind her looked like he was gonna honk, and I was getting annoyed, so I just waved and left. Seriously, who goes around calling strangers ‘hun’? Unless you’re a waitress, and then it’s just part of the bit.

Anyway, I was left with some flight or fight nerves after that event, so I went into the bookstore and bought sometime for stress relief.

As one does.

This Month’s Obsessions

  • Listening: “Let It Flow” by GOLDSPACE, and “Joke’s On Me” by Audrey Nuna (I love several of her other songs too).
  • Reading: “Legends and Lattes” by Travis Baldree.
  • Playing: Baulder’s Gate 3, and Planet Crafter.
  • Watching: Korean variety shows “Running Man”, “I Live Alone”, and “2 Days 1 Night”. (wholesome, and pee-your-pants laughter)

Also, if you want to do something fun after this, check out the 5th and final installment of “Little Misfortune” gaming, which is up on YouTube right now!

That’s it for this month, but I’ll be back soon with more offerings.

Ever yours,
Elise “met a Karen and survived” Judd

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